Pokémon TCG: Paldea Evolved Release Details

Pokémon TCG: Paldea Evolved Release Details

We're pleased to announce Pokemon Scarlet & Violet TCG: Paldea Evolved is coming June 9th, 2023!

This exciting new set will include cards that showcase new and interesting Pokémon from the Paldea region that was introduced in the Pokémon Scarlet & Violet video games. Paldea Evolved is expected to be comprised of cards from the Japanese sets Triplet Beat, Clay Burst and Snow Hazard. Because the total number of cards from these sets exceeds the number of cards said to be included in the English set, it is extremely likely that many base-rarity cards will be cut and included in a future set.

New card features include:

     - Over 190 cards

     - More than 15 brand-new Pokémon EX: a new take on a returning game mechanic

      - Terastallized Pokémon EX with a crystalline appearance

      - More than 30 Trainer cards

      - Dozens of Pokémon and Trainer cards with special illustrations

Unfortunately, we were unable to secure pre-release for this set and as such will be beginning the sale of Paldea Evolved products on its official release date (June 9th, 2023). That being said, we are happy to confirm that we will be hosting pre-release events for the upcoming sets that release following Paldea Evolved, so stay tuned and keep an eye out for any future announcements!

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