Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet-Obsidian Flames!

Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet-Obsidian Flames!

We're pleased to announce that the "Pokémon TCG: Scarlet & Violet-Obsidian Flames" set is officially releasing August 11th, 2023! 

Even more exciting, we will be hosting our very first pre-release event here at Emmett's. We'll keep you updated via our website and social medias so you should keep an eye out for the details if you're interested.

What to keep an eye out for in the new set:

Tera Dragonite EX (Dragon), Tera Greedent EX (Colorless), Revavroom EX, Melmetal EX, and Toedscruel EX have all been announced as EX's we can expect to see in Obsidian Flames.

Charizard EX (Darkness), Tyranitar EX (Lightning), Eiscue EX, and Vespiquen EX have also been announced but with a twist as interesting new "type-shifted" Pokémon. These cool new Tera Pokemon EX utilize the Energy of their usual types, but will now feature different Weaknesses. I.e. Charizard EX will be a Darkness card with Fire attack costs and a Grass weakness.

- Something else really exciting that we've been hearing about are the three hyper rare gold-etched cards. There's little information as to which 3 Pokémon these cards will feature but we have a pretty good feeling one of them will be Charizard seeing as how he seems to be the face of the set. 

We hope you're as excited for this awesome new set as we are! Below you will find a brief description of the set as well as some features courtesy of Pokemon.com

"Red-hot embers illuminate the pitch-black night and sparks flare into an inferno as Charizard EX surges forth with newfound powers of darkness! The glittering Terastal phenomenon imbues some Pokémon EX like Tyranitar, Eiscue, and Vespiquen with different types than usual, while Dragonite EX and Greedent EX show mastery of their own inner strengths. Not to be outdone, Revavroom EX, Melmetal EX, and more Pokémon promise to change the course of battle in the Scarlet & Violet—Obsidian Flames expansion!"

     - Over 190 cards

     - Type-shifted Tera Pokémon EX with a crystalline appearance, including a Darkness-type             Charizard EX

     - More than 20 brand-new Pokémon EX: a new take on a returning game mechanic

     - More than 15 Trainer cards

     - Dozens of Pokémon and Trainer cards with special illustrations

Below you can see some pictures of the products and Tera-Pokémon!


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