Emmett's ToyStop Pokémon League: June Update

Emmett's ToyStop Pokémon League: June Update

With May coming to a close let's take a quick look back at how the first month of our Pokémon League went! 

We were so happy to see just how many passionate players came out to support the store and participate in our league. Across 6 events we've had a total of 36 participants, an average of 6 players per event! We couldn't have asked for a better result after our first month hosting! While Tuesday remains the more dominant day, the turnout across all events has been well beyond expectations. We've been able to host every Tuesday and Thursday without having to cancel due to lack of players. At the end of the day, the league would not exist if not for you all showing up every week and playing. So we hope to continue fostering a welcoming and fun atmosphere that you all look forward to coming to. And for those who haven't participated, we hope you'll give it a shot in the following months. It is completely beginner-friendly and all of the players taking part are always willing to lend a helping hand.

What can you expect in June?

As mentioned in the blog post regarding Paldea Evolved, we were unable to secure pre-release for the set and as such will be beginning the sale of Paldea Evolved products on its official release date (June 9th, 2023). After the official release, we will start to give out Paldea Evolved booster packs upon entry as opposed to Scarlet and Violet: Base Set. With the number of players participating in our league beginning to rise, we are looking into doing bigger tournaments for bigger prizes(this would be in lower frequency than our typical weekly events). Build and Battles, Booster Bundles, Build and Battle Stadiums, or even Booster Boxes. With enough people participating, anything is possible!

What can you expect throughout the summer?

- With Obsidian Flames now set to officially release August 11th, 2023 we will be hosting our very first pre-release event here at Emmett's. Keep an eye out for the details if you're interested!

 - As previously mentioned, as we begin to have more players participating we would like to start hosting larger events with more luxurious prizes

- The longer we host events, the more we are able to do. This summer we should be able to start hosting League Challenge events as well so you'll be able to earn championship points!

Prize Packs! we should be receiving prize packs when the next drop happens in August and as such we'll be able to start giving them out during League and Pre-release events!

Let's keep it going!

After such a strong start, we're very excited to continue hosting events and we can't wait to see even more players participating! From everyone here at Emmett's ToyStop, thank you so much for...everything. Consistent participation, being friendly and helpful to new players, and treating the store with complete respect. We couldn't be more proud of the community that we've all begun to build together!

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