Preorder Policy

A product with “preorder” in its title is considered a “preorder product”. By purchasing a preorder item, you are purchasing a reserved product that has not yet been released. Payment is collected in full at the time of order to secure your preorder.

Preorder Cancellation

Cancelling a preorder will incur a 15% processing fee calculated based on the total value of the order you are cancelling.

Delays due to manufacturing, distribution, product allocations, and other logistical factors outside of our control are not permitted to be valid cancellation reasons that can circumvent this policy.

This cancellation policy does not apply to non-preorder purchases.


All orders that contain preorder products are held until the release and/or arrival date of all items in the order. Because of this, we recommend placing orders for the preorder product separately from the non-preorder product.

Preorder Price Guarantee

If we lower the price of a preorder product before its release date you will be refunded the difference in store credit.

If the price of a preorder product is raised after purchase, you will not bear an increase in cost provided the price adjustment has not been made at the distribution level. If you do not wish to pay the increased price due to this reason, we will offer a full refund.

Preorder prices are subject to error, if we contact you by phone, email, or mail regarding an error it will serve as notice.

Product Release

A preorder product is considered “released” when the text “preorder” has been removed from the product title in our catalogue. Release dates are subject to change for a variety of supply reasons and other unforeseen circumstances.