About Us

I’ve always had a passion for gaming and other collectibles. When my son reached an age where he could join in my love for this hobby, it deepened my passion for gaming. Spending a Saturday browsing the TCG and action figures in our local hobby shops became one of our favourite pastimes.

However, we found that many stores did not offer the specific toys we were looking for.They were either out of stock or couldn’t be requested.

This planted the seed of an idea that eventually became what is now, Emmett’s ToyStop, a hobby shop that prides itself on an inventory of unique, in-demand collectibles and toys.

We’re in this business for the love of gaming; a family-run shop that treats our customers like friends and family, not just numbers to make a sale to.

We thank you for visiting. Before you leave, make sure to check out “Emmett’s Picks” on the home page, a selection of products that are Emmett’s favourites!